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House Renos

Time to start blogging.  I'm a very active blogger on my co.'s internal blog.   I want to blog about my house renovations.  The biggest thing going on right now is that I've been held hostage by my recent door purchase at Home Depot – and despite numerous attempts at resolution, we're still hostage.  Basically – I'm here on the blogosphere to let people know how cruddy the services were with Home depot.  If you go to the Despot, then do-it-yourself.

 I'm going to recount my experience in a series of posts because, I hope that will create more tags for the home depot.


2 Responses to “House Renos”

  1. I hired Home Depot to install a vinyl kitchen and 2 bathroom floors and talk about a mess!!! It was incomplete and doors damaged and cuts in vinyl and uneven molding and a mess with the caulking. I continue to find problems with the installation in hidden places and no calls returned since last tuesday, It is now Monday of the 3rd week and I have called 3 people today and none of them have returned my calls. I checked BBB today and they are not members but I made a complaint..This is a nightmare to do business with these people. Next time I will check before doing business with any company. 3/17/08

  2. Jan – I do sympatize. Thanks for sharing your nightmare with me. When something goes wrong – you can’t get anyone to help. Dealing with the store for customer service on installation is impossible! Interesting about BBB – good idea.

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