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New door to save energy takes energy to fix

April 22nd, 2006

This is the day my nightmare with Home Depot – at Gerrard Square begins.  I decided to buy an Andersen screen door (glass bottom, screen top) after seeing at a friend’s house who had bought it from Home Depot.  I wouldn’t normally spend $250 on a screen door but I reasoned that this would be our energy saving solution for 2006. 

At Home Depot I asked David, nay convinced, as a Home Depot employee, to help me with my screen door inquiry.   He showed me the model I was interested in – around $200, but advised it might be more (around $350 – 400) with a custom fit. 

The door is approx >$320 (350 – 400 minus 20%) 

I was wary but noticed a 10% off sale on Andersen doors. David advised me that if I got a Home Depot card, that I’d get an additional 10% off my first purchase.  Okay – 20% off, now I am eager to buy the door.   David then said that I’d have to pay $50 for someone to come and measure my house.  I had brought in all my own measurements but no matter, I signed up for the install and David instructed me not to get the home depot card (the one that would generate 10% off) until I come back to buy the door (after measurement.) 


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