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Dogged pursuit of Daycare

Its true – daycare in this country is a real problem.  I just moved “up” to a new neighbourhood in Toronto – oh its a bigger house, detached, reasonable backyard, amazing porch (and no parking, no reno, unfinished basement with problems..).  But very expensive daycare in the region.  I have six months to go on my mat leave – two children – one is six months, and the other is 3 years. 

I tried to get on the Balmy Beach waiting list but was told I was out of district.  True I said to the Daycare coordinator for TDSB, but my district has no school attached daycare so why can’t I get on the waiting list.  She told me that Balmy Beach daycare was just filled with teachers kids and parents who had siblings anyways.  I was pretty pissed at that answer.  This lady then proceed to tell me that I live in a good neighbourhood and that I should be able to afford daycare.  (piss off! what do you know of my situation).

Harper can keep his lousy $100.  It doesn’t help with daycare costs and it doesn’t get me a space in this tough neighbourhood.


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