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All time low – spanking

I hit an all time low today.  I spanked my 3 year old – officially – over my knee with three swift spanks to the bum. 

She ran across the road without me, without looking – not once but twice – in a state of defiance.  To make matters worse – she then ran down the street (on the sidewalk) and would not return till I announced going up the stairs to our house first (to which she wanted to be first).  I know I’m exhausted – totally exhausted from having a newborn and I feel completely unable to mentally, verbally arm wrestle a defiant 3 year old.  So with three hits to the bum, she was sent to her room.

On one hand, I am pleased that I’ve not done this and she is 3.   And yet, I’ve tried with time outs, with consequences, with getting down on her level to explain this.  Ah.. I am tired.  At very least, I called my twin for twinpower.

I’m so afraid of scaring her.  And yet, I simply can not have her running amok on the road.  I just feel so frightened that something bad will happen to her.  I hate operating in fear all the time.


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