Lady of the house
the motherhood on motherhood

Freaky Friday

Its freaky friday and my body and mind has been taken over by a 3 year old.  I feel incapable of making decisions today – partly, I just don’t feel I have the generous time allottment of the past and other part, I don’t have the money to make decisons easy.  I *hate* being on a fixed income – seeing my savings dwindle down, worried if the car will hold out.  I’m just overcome today and feel like I am losing my mind.  Is that depression?  I am certain that alcholism must come with the arrival of the second kid.  

I was in ikea today upon suggestion from richer sister to get a hallway shelving unit that will help organize the shit hanging around the house.  Just as I found it and was evaluating what to do, it was time to get my daughter from the play area.  So, dump the project and go get her. 

I feel like I’m playing victim lately and I absolutely *hate* this space.


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