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Still on the nanny hunt

Finding childcare has been the most difficult and most stressful thing in my life – this I am certain.  Allow me to confirm that in Canada, childcare is a national issue.  Harper makes me so mad!  A $100 bucks does me NO good. (great summary here — $100 is really $73 and doesn’t fix problems)  I can not get care for my 12 month old boy.  My daughter at 3+ years is easier but I am still faced with driving back to my old neighbourhood for a daycare because I put my daughter on the list when I was seven weeks pregnant.  In my new neighbourhood, I get lip service.  Importantly, however, no one will take a baby.  Daycares in the beaches do not accept children under 2.5years.  Homecares only want one baby and they are full up.  So I have to look for a nanny.

Besides … $100 bucks.  who are we kidding?  Homecare = lowest is $40 bucks a day, more likely $55  Daycare = $900 – 1100 PER child.  Unless you work part-time and can forgo the morning and apres 3pm extra fees, its a grand per kid.  Nanny = consider $100 bucks a day, plus TTC pass at $120 a month.  That’s $28 to 34K grand!! after you pay the tax man.  Sure – some people hire live in nannies who really live out and others pay under the table which I’m not interested in doing to a migrant worker. 

I’m voting on childcare so Harper is out but I need to understand other platforms.  All day kindergarten is good but “all day” means 9 to 3pm so that’s not a complete solution either.  Ah.. what a worry.

gotta go to bed now.


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  1. I am late to this posting…but I will add that I am one Canadian who would like to see greater political initiative toward North American integration. Click

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